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Monday, October 20, 2008

trippin´ on europe

So how do people do a eurotrip in 20 days, a month, a year... getting where i am headed? There really is so much. Not just to see; but to feel. Really, to feel. Once you have done the sight-seeing, which itself is herculean at best, then you can start discovering the real thing. And by the time you realize that (like i am doing the hard way), you might have missed the bus (you guessed it.. much like me). But i feel way too fortunate to have seen the tip of the iceburg to at least (begin to) wonder what the whole thing could probably be like.

Change of thought stream: I have a mixed feeling of living in this parallel universe. Ever since i took that train from Warsaw and have divorced reality to completely lose myself to these unfamiliar exciting environs. The only worry has been the next meal (which i must tell you, has jettisoned my hairline to the ´fall´ season: to make up for having missed the most beautiful season in Europe[throws hands up in the air at the soporific sense of humour{or the lack of it}]). What an ugly use of paranthesis! The way i have been going, i know it is all finally going to be a blur of mind blowing sights and sounds, esp. given my awesome memory. But this melange will always be etched somewhere like the first kiss/joint. One which will always be reminiscent of euphoria, like the intense ephemeral delight of an orgasm. Few days down the line i would probably be pegging the cathedrals to countries much like my impeccable skill with the darts of making a cork board of the wall, yet i´ĺl covet the experience as crazily as Buffalo Bill did, his shit.

Optimistic: will find a wallet stuffed with euros on the road one day so that i CAN EAT without doing the math and shrugging off a much needed proper meal for truck loads of bread and spread. My only grouse: a die hard foodie like me walking past eateries slurping up the dripping rheum and all but committing hara-kiri :(

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My world

Ours is not to ask why/when/where

Ours is to travel... and how!!

Did you walk Kms no end with essentials on your back?
Did you survive on bread, nutella and maggi?
Did you lose your way amidst the hills?
Did you walk through meadows smothered with horse/cow/sheep/goat crap?
Did you cry to shepherds to ask them the way?
Did you shiver in the cave all night?
Did your legs give up on you?
Did the icy rain drench your body and drown your soul?
Did you sip rum to warm your very marrow?
Did you lose yourself in the lap of nature?
Did you walk up the glacier?
Did you look around only to be surrounded by mist?
Did you guard your food from mountain dogs?
Did you try to light sodden for hours to warm your heels?
Did you lose yourself in the bluest skies?
Did you hum to the pitter-patter of rain?

Did you NOT forget it all?
Do you not wanna LIVE IT?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rajasthan.. off road

He looked at all the magnificent blue and his creative spirit was kindled. Some swishes of white across the blue. He then blows on them to give them a wispy look.

‘Is that all you got? White! Virgin white alright but no better…’, I dare..

‘Wait up’, says he and pulls out a glowing orb from his pocket and sets about performing some mesmerizing chromatic jugglery with sweet hues of pink, mauve, purple, red, orange… ‘Huh’ says he.

‘Ah huh’ is all I manage as I stare unblinkingly.

He is Him. I am mute as I sit on the dune and stare upwards at His canvas. A gust of wind passes by and rustles my hair like I am wont to doing to kids passing by. I smile, a little on the outside while my soul exuberates within.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Can-aaa-B[L]iss ??

Lo and behold!!!

And we still make an issue of it. People have been doing it for ages, esp. us "conservative" Indians, though I wonder what makes us conservative. It is all a facade mon amis!! Just hypocritial bitches.. that's what we are :). Coming back to the point, list of people who smoke/d up: http://boards.cannabis.com/activism/72501-famous-people-smoke-weed.html

They are from 'all walks of life'. So... humans have been consuming this since God knows when, honestly.. Prehistoric. Why does our society relegate things to trash as per convenience, I'll never know. There is conjecture of people consuming/"drinking smoke"(that's how 'smoking' was described ere the word 'smoking' was coined) as early as 5th BC.. hah! Ganja was known to be an ingredient of 'Soma', the intoxicant of the Gods. The Gods merrily flew, while us lowly denizens are denied our license to fly... c'mon not all of us have a 20/20; and it was not under our control that our retina played a bitch and got distorted, or we got opthalmologically screwed otherwise or the like: we too should have the right to fly.

In a world where we are constantly unhappy, stressed out, cussing one and all for bettering us, doing us in, screwing us up, kicking ass, making it, doing it, rocking it, fuckin it, fucking her/him... we could use a little numbness, listlessness, light-headedness and ALTITUDE.

Soar you fledgling soul..

for once lose sight of thy goal

look around: it's all putrid and rotten

that's all that's begotten

in the Green meadow, gambol you foal

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back on the road?

So this blog has been my wench. Had a good time writing while I did and dutifully dumped it for well.. nothing better or worse. It so happens that I have resolved to do better things and do things better and merely a co-incidence that it happens to be around the new year mark but I'll save me the pressure by calling them 'new year resolutions'. One such promise is to visit this space often and fart away to glory for I realize the pleasure of reading what i had written in the past.
I mark it with a change in the profile pic - which is an indicator of my finally being able to discover the photographer in me, however crappy he may be. Just for kicks I shall re-live my last 7 months:
back to studies... but not to books
drink like a pig
life away from girl
dance on stage
attempts and more attempts to start studying
life without a vehicle
new bunch of friends
bangalore: ah i miss you
gurgaon: you can do much better
melting in summers.. freezing in winters
case studies and pre-reads.. base studies and un-reads
off to jaipur on bike
porcupine tree
paradigm shift
make some effort to socialize
make no effort to socialize
prison break addiction
marketing or finance??
my camera.. my love.. [unrequited for her though]
gtalk.. bloody waste of time
ah well.. BLOODY WASTE OF TIME anyways
rue bad handwriting in answer scripts
grades.. who am i kidding anyways
laziness beyond laziness
procrastination and more procrastination
drunken driving... it's fun!!
veg maggi... grrrr
parties.... this merits a post for itself
receding hairline
fit no more?
yet to learn to say NO
yet to maintain accounts
chooth.. the remix :D
maggi advert
empty coffers
assignments and projects
quizzes and term papers
mess food
15th aug '07
fly baby fly
Yazzo's place
Charma's car

Things have changed and so have I. Life in Bangalore for the past six years had been one compressed experience - a great one nonetheless. Seven months hence, it seems to be a something of a thing of the past.....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hedonism and Revelry.. is it too bad?

Jack did it.. can't I?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So… you’re an MBA... that don’t impress me much....

Welcome to the world of the money makers; the movers and shakers; the decision fakers; the faff rakers… it sucks [F.R.I.E.N.D.S season one, episode 1… any takers?]. Oh well, these guys sure can make powerpoint presentations and bullshit on them for hours. Well actually not all of them can!! It’s engineering all over again, albeit with lesser time on hand and more crap on the plate. At least then we weren’t the pretentious lot. We walked the talk… that we are bloody jobless and we are having a bitch of a time. Now we talk the talk: The Talk… and wait… talkity talkity talk[nursery rhymes anyone?]. So we are a bunch of ‘achievers’: oh ya… we ‘belled that CAT’[fuckin’ clichés]. Honey… you’d rather I was a rocket scientist. More of the cynicism later…
Right now I am particularly kicked about having heard the Full Circle live. The lady crooned her living lungs off and somewhere I say my heart was blown out of the door. Had I stayed till the end of the gig, I swear I would have gone up to her and told her that I leave with a couple of gaping holes in my musical soul [and later blamed it on the beer… how convenient.. eh!!].
Full Circle… one more fan... tick.[yay!!]

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spleeku klamata

That didn’t make sense, did it now? Now try your voice modulation with these two ‘words’ – if I may call them so. Spit them out; whisper them meaningfully; enunciate them; hum them to a tune… go ahead experiment. You can make them mean a lot just in the way you say them. At least I used to think so. As a kid I used to this in the confines of my room, and enjoyed it a lot. Maybe, I thought myself to be a prodigy who could fabricate a whole dialect. Possibly it was a Calvinesque streak. Thankfully I didn't stretch it all the way to Hobbes - but that wouldn't have been too bad.. not for me at least!
What the hell.. I still do it sometimes
Am I deranged?!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Day Sleeper

What happens when five bums, roam the streets of Bombay all night and finally get on a local train to reach their respective destinations before day break:
H: Either he got a hen's neck bones transplanted recently or felt too bad about missing the Iron Maiden concert. His head kept jutting out of his neck periodically; so much so, I got scared he might uproot it. Who can sleep with such vigorous physical activity?
L: Arm on knee, whole body weight on it. With half the frequecy of H's head-banging/neck-jutting, his elbow kept buckling: body weight shifting crazily. Thought he would topple any moment. He had a better plan though. Rested his arm on me, and bam, head on my shoulder, all in slumber. Wonder if some xyz, or better still - a lady, was sitting next to him.
P: Redefining 40 winks. He would sleep some, then wake up and look around as if he had been awake all the while, though I am sure he never registered what he saw. Who was that charade for?
B: Just shut his eyes and froze. Boring!
God bless the others for entertaining me. You never know what can humour you.

PS: Day sleeper is a neat song by R.E.M.